Malware Removal $395

We swiftly eliminate unauthorized backdoors and scripts that wreak havoc on your WordPress installation.

Restore confidence with a clean backup, updated core & plugins, source of WordPress malware attack, and we’ll even temporarily monitor for re-infection attempts.

Get Started
  • Preliminary Report 1

    Gather important data about your malware infection. This includes Web host and WordPress credentials, affected domain, etc.
  • Register Account 2

    Verify your identity and complete the malware removal retainer process. When this is complete, your case will be sent to our technicians.
  • Process Case 3

    Sit tight while we begin processing your infected WordPress system. Depending on the severity or your case, the timeline for removal varies.
  • Removal Report 4

    We will deliver a report outlining key components of your WordPress malware removal and how your system was compromised.
  • Malware Removal

    Eliminate backdoors and scripts that are providing access, redirecting visitors, and sending spam.
  • Analyze Activity

    Get temporary monitoring of your WordPress system for ongoing spam activity and re-infection attempts.
  • Fresh Updates

    We will update WordPress core, any non-custom plugins, and themes to the latest and most secure versions.
  • Security Essentials

    Get access to discounts on WordPress Maintenance, Bruce, SSL Certificates, and more.
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