Bruce $19

Our WordPress plugin aims to alleviate resource hungry brute-force attacks, primarily those originating from bot-nets.

This is achieved by feeding failed attempts to a log which is analyzed via a service running on your server.

Change Log Plugin Support
  • Activate & Configure 1

    After Bruce is downloaded and activated, configure your favorite log based IPS filters to interpret Bruce’s data.
  • Detect Attacks 2

    Relax knowing that Bruce is actively monitoring and reporting brute-force attempts on your WordPress installation(s).
  • Analyze Activity 3

    Bruce will check activity against the username & IP white and/or blacklist and tag each log entry based on attack vectors and result.
  • Brute-force Blocked 4

    As the log file is being fed to your IPS it will apply temporary or permanent actions based on rules at the server level, stopping attacks on your hosted WordPress installation(s).
  • User Enumeration

    Malicious users will abuse WordPress to create a definitive list of usernames. Bruce will log and block any attempts of this type of attack.
  • Blocked Usernames

    Enable the ability to block commonly abused usernames, such as admin, before an attack consumes valuable server resources.
  • IP & Username Rules

    Whitelist specific IP addresses and/or ranges, combined with username exclusion or inclusion and you’ve got finely tuned brute-force detection.
  • Load Balancing Support beta

    Have peace of mind knowing that your load balancing or round-robin proxy will continue to function without interruptions.
  • Real-time Statistics

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