Web Development

Our website development process is always being refined, however it’s structured for efficiency and high-quality output. After the initial meeting (Skype or in-person) we are able to create a statement of work, ensuring your requirements are outlined and communicated to us from the start, and as the project nears completion we have a thorough quality assurance testing.

We also leverage frameworks like WordPress or Drupal to streamline the website development process. They’re both open-source and constantly being worked on by hundreds of developers. They’re designed to be scalable, customizable, and secure — which allows us more time to focus on your experience.

During the Development Phase, we create a development environment for your project so you can monitor the progress in real-time, while having an available test environment for your website training. We also collaborate online with Basecamp to ensure all our thoughts and revisions are documented and understood.

Our development team has a firm understanding of programming languages like C/C++, JAVA, PHP, and Node.js. We can meet your development needs — from website development, mobile development, micro-sites, custom application development, integrating 3rd party applications, and more.

  1. PHP
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. JAVA
  5. Python
  6. Databases
  7. JavaScript
  8. Assembly