Staying on top of critical WordPress maintenance and updates can be tedious, even for an advanced user.

Let us handle your database optimization, daily backups, performance and malware scans, spam management, uptime monitoring, and more.

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  • Register Account 1

    Verify your identity and complete the checkout process. Your account will be processed within 24 hours.
  • Provide Access 2

    Grant access to your system with WordPress credentials. We'll handle the setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Ongoing Maintenance 3

    While your managing your daily life, we'll be performing your WordPress maintenance seamlessly all day.
  • Monthly Reporting 4

    We'll send a report of your WordPress backup activity, update logs, and malware scans.
  • Malware Removal

    Unlimited WordPress Malware Removal for active WordPress Maintenance accounts, at no cost.
  • Fresh Updates

    We'll update WordPress core, any non-custom plugins, and themes to the latest and most secure versions.
  • Automated Backups

    Don't wait until it's too late! Rest assured knowing your backups are being created and safely stored.
  • Security Monitoring

    We utilize malware detection, developed by Sucuri, to detect covert infections, black listings, and errors.
  • Uptime Monitoring

    Be the first to know, rather than your visitors, that your system is displaying errors or is completely offline.
  • Performance Scans

    There's nothing more frustrating than a slow website. Quickly diagnose and view steps to fix performance issues.
  • WordPress Optimization

    We'll keep your database healthy by purging spam comments, revisions, and optimizing database tables.
  • Security Essentials

    Get access to discounts on WordPress Malware Removal, Bruce, SSL Certificates, and more.
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